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The organizational Structure of the Polytechnic indicates that four academic schools and nine service units make up the main components of the institution.  Headship of all the components report direct to the Rector, the Chief Executive of the institution.

The service units are the Registry [the central hub of the administration], the Library, the Bursary, the Works & Services, the Medical Centre, the Physical and Academic Planning Unit, the Directorate of Student Affairs, Polyconsult & Industrial Services and the Internal Audit.  The academic schools from where the academic programmes are mounted are the Schools of Applied Science, Engineering, Environmental and Management Studies.  Headed by a Dean, each School consists of not less than four academic departments.  For purposes of control and co-ordination, the departments link with the central administration through their respective Deans.

The institution is managed by committee system as provided in the Federal Polytechnic Act (1990) or Decree 33 (1979).  Some of the standing committees of the Governing Council, Academic Board and Management include the following:

Governing Council Committees

  • Finance and General Purpose Committee                                                         
  • Tenders’ Board                                                                         
  • Senior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee                                        
  • Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee
  • Students Welfare Committee
  • Staff Disciplinary Committee

Academic Board Committees

  • Students Disciplinary Committee                            
  • Publications Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Institutional Research/Seminar Committee
  • Lecture Time-tabling Committee
  • Polytechnic Examinations Committee
  • Examination Malpractice Committee                                                                                          
  • Polytechnic Admissions Committee    

Management Committees

  • Polytechnic Management Committee
  • Pension and Gratuity Trustees Board
  • Minor Works Committee                                                
  • Staff Development Committee                                                             
  • Loans Committee
  • Polytechnic Staff College Board
  • Polytechnic Nursery and Primary School Management Board
  • Transport/Shuttle Bus Committee
  • Ceremonies Committee

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